Hi all,

Am 2012-01-25 09:59, schrieb chris:
> I'm trying to convert a couple of Subversion repositories to git. The
> structure looks like this:
> /
> + project1
>    + trunk
>      + src
>    + tags
>      + 1.0rc1
>        + src
>    + branches
>      + 1.x
>        + src
>    + releases
>      + 1.0
>        + src
> + project2
>    + trunk
>    + tags
>    + branches
>    + releases
>    + some_branch
>      + src
> [...]
> But how do I map the single branch "some_branch" in project2?

I have exact the same problem.

I'm also an absolute beginner with git, which makes it difficult for me to 
follow Thomas' suggestion with "grafting" the history as shown in his 
screencast. (And at my early learning stage, this problem looks like a true 
dilemma: In order to solve the problem, one had to be more familiar with 
git first, but to become more familiar with git, this problem would ideally 
be solved first...)

However, I found the http://schacon.github.com/git/git-svn.html page very 
helpful. In section "CONFIGURATION", it says:

    "It is also possible to fetch a subset of branches or tags by using a 
comma-separated list of names within braces. For example: [...]"

In my case, I had only imported the trunk earlier, as my project has no 
"normal" branches like project2/branches/... in the example above.
So I just added a line like

    branches = project2/{some_branch}:refs/remotes/branches/*

to the config file, and after
    git svn fetch
    gitk --all
things are looking pretty good: Only the "occasional/intermediate" 
integration of "some_branch" into the trunk that is in the SVN repository 
is missing in git (but maybe this is something to be fixed with "grafting" 

However, I too would be interested in what the git experts think.
Is this a good solution?
Is there a better / more natural solution?

Best regards,

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