Hi all,

Seems like I'm facing a problem that was encountered quite a few times
already but I have a problem telling Git how to behave with binary

My objective is rather simple: overwrite the binary files during a "git pull".

What I've done:
I've created a .gitattributes with "*.sdf -binary" in my project's
base directory, like this:


When I pull changes from a remote repo, there are conflicts found for,
say, "foo/zap.sdf" file. But when I "git diff foo/zap.sdf", Git tells
me it's a binary file and no diff is being shown, which is a sign I've
partially set my .gitattributes file correctly.

I've previously tried "git pull -s recursive -X theirs" but that's not
what I wanted.

I ended up selecting the file in the following manner:

$ git checkout remotes/origin/myBranch -- foo/zap.sdf

But I don't want to do that all the time.

How can I tell Git to overwrite any binary (*.sdf and eventually other
files) that I pull from the remote repo?


- Eric

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