Eric Parent <> writes:

Hi Eric,

> Seems like I'm facing a problem that was encountered quite a few times
> already but I have a problem telling Git how to behave with binary
> files.
> My objective is rather simple: overwrite the binary files during a
> "git pull".
> What I've done:
> I've created a .gitattributes with "*.sdf -binary" in my project's
> base directory, like this:
> myProj/
>   .gitattributes
>    foo
>    bar
>    (etc.)
> When I pull changes from a remote repo, there are conflicts found for,
> say, "foo/zap.sdf" file.

I'm not completely sure, but I think the glob patterns match relative to
the location of the .gitignore/.gitattributes files they are specified
in.  So in your case "*.sdf" matches only sdf-files directly located in
myProj/ but not in subfolders.  To match all sdf-files contained in your
project, "**/*.sdf" should do the trick.


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