Git newbie would appreciate help (esp pointers to doc) for a usecase
which I haven't seen written up anywhere: pairing public/private
repositories, or branches, or whatever. What I mean:

I'm working on an OSS project for a client who requires publicly-
visible code to be approved, i.e.,

* reviewed/approved code can be made publicly available (and with a
  permissive license), via, e.g., the usual github-style public repo

* pre-review code must not be publicly available: a private repo is OK
  if password-protected.

However I still want to version my code to the cloud, and I still
don't wanna spend any money (I'm a student, working cheap). So I was
thinking I could pair an OSS bitbucket private git repo (which is
free) with an OSS github public repo (also free), such that

* bitbucket:master always contains latest development code
* github:master    always contains latest approved code

My process would be like:

1 Push normal dev commits from my local repo to bitbucket:master.

2 When I get to a review point, branch from bitbucket:master to
  bitbucket:review_<datetime1/> (where datetime1=when I submit code
  for review), and let the reviewer pull that branch.

On approval:

3 Branch the code in github:master (i.e., the previous approval's code)
  to, e.g., github:approved_<datetime0/> (when that code was approved)

4 "Copy" the code from bitbucket:review_<datetime1/> to github:master

What I'd like to know is, how to do step 4 such that I don't either

* lose history
* need to do a lot of merging

? Or am I thinking wrong, and should do Something Completely Different?

TIA, Tom Roche <>

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