I have installed git for windows

I have created a (virtually) empty project on github.com

The tutorial says you can use fork to base your project on some one else's but it isn't clear from the flow of the text whether i fork my empty project or the someone eleses project I want to 'base' mine on.

Any way I don't want to base on another project I just wanted to add a load of code I already have that is not in git.

I tried to 'open' my git repository from the client gui so i could add files to it and commit them, but this wouldnt work I tried to clone this new empty remote project in github, but I was denied access but given no opportunity to provide security.
I tried Pull from github.com but this also failed.

All I want to do is to add more files to the repo in github than just the initial readme and gitinore.

Please help.

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