Step one is to get the Github authentication here working. You need to 
generate an SSH key, and enter it to your settings. The how-to is here 
(under SSH keys):


Once you have this in order, you should be able to *clone* your nearly 
empty repository. Copy the SSH url to the repository - it looks something 
like *g...@github.com:user/repo.git*

Clone it like this:

git clone *g...@github.com:user/repo.git*

If this doesn't work, your keys are not correctly set up. Look to the 
Github docs again, or post back here with the error message when you try 

ssh -T g...@github.com

Once you have cloned successfully, the rest should be pretty straight 

cd repo-clone
[copy in all the files you want to add]
git add .
git commit -m "Adding lots of files"
git push

Now it should all get pushed to Github.

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