Our it check this but it all ok..

  Fetch URL: git@git:/daten/git/dbc.git
  Push  URL: git@git:/daten/git/dbc.git
  HEAD branch: master
  Remote branches:
    master                                        tracked
    v6.0.a1.0                                     tracked
    v6.0.drk.0                                    tracked
    v6.0.impatto.0                                tracked
    v6.0.o2.0                                     tracked
    v6.0.quizwall.0                               tracked
    v6.0.vodafone.0                               tracked
    v6.0.vw.0.alpha                               tracked
  Local branches configured for 'git pull':
    master                 merges with remote master
    v5.3.vodafone.0.stable merges with remote v5.3.vodafone.0.stable
    v6.0.vodafone.0        merges with remote v6.0.vodafone.0
  Local refs configured for 'git push':
    master                 pushes to master                 (local out of 
    v5.3.vodafone.0.stable pushes to v5.3.vodafone.0.stable (local out of 

Am Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012 13:44:38 UTC+2 schrieb Stefan:
> Looks to me like your git server is simply overloaded. Run a h/top/"vmstat 
> -n 1" on it in a different window and only retry the push when CPU usage on 
> the server drops below 50%.
> If the push never succeeded I would've expected invalid ssh/git 
> credentials...
> You might also want to check your network/firewall settings. If your 
> network does some ugly form of traffic shaping, it could unexpectedly kill 
> your TCP connection for git push. Otherwise, you may simply lack the 
> bandwidth, which may as well be causing your TCP connections to timeout.
> Posting the output of the "git remote show origin" command on your system 
> (not necessarily the full URL paths) could also help someone provide a 
> better answer than this.
> These are just some possibilities, hope you find the true cause by 
> starting with these...
> Ştefan Szabó
> marți, 22 mai 2012, 14:17:05 UTC+3, Thorsten Peters a scris:
>> Any ideas?
>> We try different things, but nothing works. 
>> Same push, x times hang up, than it works finde.

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