Indeed, the logs you posted don't tell me much. Indeed, it appears as if 
the ssh client closes the connection and sends an error code upstream, 
probably because the server doesn't ack the close (I'm speculating...).
Maybe the following questions need also be answered before trying anything 
- Does this happen on other machines running the same software?
- Would it be possible to set up a direct network link between client and 
server (i.e. no network switches, etc.) and retry?

I'm maintaining my opinion that this is a network-related problem rather 
than a git-related one. One other thing to check, if you're using 
"consumer-grade" network switches between your client ad the server is that 
the MTUs for the eth interfaces on both client and server do not exceed 
1500. Cheap network switches simply discard any packet larger than this. 
Yeah, toy with the MTU...

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