Thanks for the reply. I'm taking a look at Capistrano. It does seem a bit 
overkill, but I'll still look into it. 

Could you give me an example of what I'd be able to do with it in a web 
development scenario?
Basically it's just me, there aren't any other dev team members as I'm 
doing this freelance. At least for now, anyway.

I'm thinking perhaps to just connect Coda directly to my testing server, 
and then using GitHub to push launch-ready commits to the live server. I'd 
be making the root web directory a Git repo right?

On Saturday, May 26, 2012 4:41:28 PM UTC-4, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen wrote:
> Maybe the deployment tool Capistrano has some good strategies for this?
> At last I'm sure they support Git. Could be overkill for your task, but 
> maybe still a good way to learn about deployment.

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