On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 3:57 AM, Heronymo Allen <heron...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Locally, I've got my dev folder. On the server, I set up a git repository in
> the folder that contains test.domain.com, as well as another repository in
> the folder that contains the domain.com files.
> This means I'll have 3 repos. I can push commits to the test repo, then when
> I'm happy with it, I can push them to the live site?
> Since Coda allows just one server to be defined (I do hope they change
> that...) then perhaps I should connect it to the test domain, and then use
> the GitHub app to push the files to the main domain when they're good to go?
> I figure the files always come from my local, and they don't travel from the
> test domain to the live domain when ready.

As git is distributed scm you can use your described setup.

But personally I prefer to have central bare repository. You could use
github for this ot any other hosted solution or your personal git
server. There I setup permissions for users (other repository clones).
E.g. developer (you) can read and write to repository. Test user
(test.domain.com) has read only access. Production user (domain.com)
has read only access (and restricted to access "release-*" branches
only sometimes on paranoid configurations). Having such setup you are
able to checkout any branch on your test domain and on the production
when you need. Also you are know exactly what branch you are testing
or deploying. You can switch to test or production branch on your
development repository at any time and fix it if you need. And your
development branch(es) will not be touched by those modifications.

Here is blog post I've just found about one simple git usage workflow

There are infinite number of the possible git workflow schemes you are
free to implement.

Serge Matveenko

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