On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 09:17:35PM -0700, Git User wrote:

> git commit --help
>  3. by listing files as arguments to the commit command, in which case
>  the commit will ignore changes staged in the index, and instead
>  record the current content of the listed files (which must already
>   be known to git);
> ignore --> unstage
> ???

What's the question?  I think it badly misses verbs and other stuff
used by humans to comprehend other humans.

In any case, my quick testing with Git shows that
`git commit <filename>` in a case when <filename> is tracked
and has both staged changed and local modifications commits the
current contents of the said file, as found in the work tree.
The staged changes of this file are lost, hence the command works
as if I did `git add <filename>` followed by `git commit`.

Since (to my knowledge) Git is only able to make commits out of its
staging area (the index), the behaviour of `git commit <filename>`
is logical and is line with the behaviour of `git commit -a`.

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