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Thank you.
Here is what I meant:
echo alpha > a.txt
add a.txt
echo beta > b.txt
add b.txt
echo gamma >> b.txt

Now I have a.txt and b.txt in staged state; and b.txt also has
unstaged changes.
I want to commit ONLY b.txt (i.e. I want to commit only 'beta' and
leave b.txt in modified state with 'beta' & 'gamma' in it, 'gamma'
being showed as '+gamma' in `git diff'.
Something like `git commit --staged b.txt'
In other words, how do we `git commit' just one file from the index
if there are more than one files in the index.

I think you can't as you effectively wish to have one more level of
indirection (the second index).

I can imagine various workarounds to achieve what you want but they all
are imperfect in one way or another.

The proper way to do this probably would be to write your own porcelain
command that would:
1) Save a list of files with staged changes.
2) Reset all of the staged entries except for those files you specified.
  If any file to reset has unstaged local changes, refuse to proceed.
3) Commit.
4) Re-add the files that were reset on step (2).

@Git User:
Also have a look at what `git stash` can do for you in terms of taking a snapshot of your current 'dirty' working tree and then giving you a chance to checkout any commit or branch you wanted, and pick stuff out of the stash to create the commit wou want, and then pop the stash.

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