In playing around on scenarios in which I often find myself, I have
the following repo:

master       dev
|             |
v             v
A ---> B ---> C

In an ideal world, the commit path would have had parts of the "C"
commit split into several bugfix branches instead of directly
committing on dev, resulting in

master   dev    bugs/5
|         |        |
v         v        v
A ------> B ----> Ca ... (future work on bug #1234 here)
           -----> Cb ... (future work on bug #2345 here)

allowing for further dev on the bug-fixes until they're really ready
for merging back into dev.

I played around with amend/stash/rebase and eventually got the repo
looking how I wanted, but had a nagging feeling there was a better
work-flow. Transcript below if you want to play along at home.  Is
there a better way to do this?



mkdir g;cd g
git init
seq 10 > file.txt
git add file.txt; git commit -m "Initial"
git co -b dev
sed -i '3s/.*/& &/' file.txt
git commit -am "dev: changed line 3"
sed -i '5s/.*/& &/' file.txt
sed -i '7s/.*/& &/' file.txt
git commit -am "partial work on bugs 5 and 7"
git reset HEAD^ # whoops
git co -b bugs/5
git add -p file.txt # select stuff for bug 5
git commit -m "partial work on bug 5"
git stash
git co -b bugs/7 dev
git stash pop
git add -p file.txt # select stuff for bug 7
git commit -m "partial work on bug 7"

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