On 06/19/12 07:52, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen wrote:
> I took the liberty of monospacing your ascii-art below:
> master       dev 
>> |             | 
>> v             v 
>> A ---> B ---> C 

Not sure what happened there...according to my Sent folder, they
went out from Thunderbird on my end as monospace/plaintext and based
on what I see in gmane, it came out correctly there.  Sorry if
something was set wrong.

> I think your approach seems fine. A different way of doing it is to hold 
> off reseting the dev branch (or copy the commitish of it and use that), and 
> get the changes into the branches by checking them out, instead of keeping 
> them in the work-tree/stash:
> ...
> git checkout -p dev # select stuff for bug 5

Nice...I hadn't read about "checkout -p" and have wanted something
like this on occasion.  Thanks!

> git reset HEAD~1 # you could've done first, but then you need to copy the 
> commitish first, and use that when you use checkout -p above, instead of dev
> Of course, with this approach, I need to sift through the changes in dev 
> twice.

Yeah, my first meandering pass at this looked a little like this
(only considerably less elegant, not knowing about "checkout -p" as
mentioned above), creating a temporary branch/tag pointing at the
commitish rather than noting the hash.  The stash was the best way I
could come up with to hold on to changes I hadn't yet applied, pull
some out into their own branch, then re-stash them, rather than
sifting through all the changes every time.

I appreciate your thoughts on other ways to do it.  Thanks!


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