> > So from Eclipse I checkout the master called origin/master. 
> > Then I select Team --> 'Merge' and I get the following message: 
> > 
> > "HEAD is not pointing to  a branch" 
> You do not have any local branch pointing to checked out commit now 
> really. 
> You've just checked out a commit as your HEAD that is the head of the 
> origin/master branch. But you need to checkout a new branch master 
> that will be a copy (local fork) of the origin/master or more probably 
> you need to checkout your existing master and merge origin/master into 
> it. 

How can I do that? Which command? Or do I do it from Eclipse? ( Attach 
picture from Eclipse). 



> -- 
> Serge Matveenko 
> se...@matveenko.ru 
> http://www.ohloh.net/accounts/lig 
> http://ru.linkedin.com/in/sergematveenko 

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