I managed to do the following:

git checkout master
Branch master set up to track remote branch master from origin.
Switched to a new branch 'master'

Then I merged release-2.2.16 to this branch. When done I pushed it.

I checked and remote master now contains my changes.

Thanks for all help!


On Wednesday, June 27, 2012 1:41:41 PM UTC+2, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 
> On Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:38:07 PM UTC+2, mike wrote:
>> You've just checked out a commit as your HEAD that is the head of the 
>>> origin/master branch. But you need to checkout a new branch master 
>>> that will be a copy (local fork) of the origin/master or more probably 
>>> you need to checkout your existing master and merge origin/master into 
>>> it. 
>> How can I do that? Which command? Or do I do it from Eclipse? ( Attach 
>> picture from Eclipse). 
> Can you try checking out "origin/master" as a local tracking branch 
> "master"?
> On the command line you can do it like this:
> git checkout -t origin/master
> In Eclipse, maybe you can right-click the origin/master branch under 
> "Remote tracking" folder, and do something like "track locally". Not sure 
> as I haven't got Eclipse running here.

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