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lem torov <ulem...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > > I follow you tutorial 
> > Actually, I gather that this more modern guide [1] written by the
> > same author is indeed better (linked from the original tutorial). 
> >
> > 1. 
> > http://sitaramc.github.com/gcs/index.html#gcs_index_detached_HEAD_and_all_that_
> >  
> >
> question is not "what is head"  or "what is detached head". question
> is how did i get into "no branch" branch. why there is no any notice
> when i did commit into no branch.
> and if commits are registered why those commits doesnot contain files
> which i did commit into it.

In your original mail you stated:
"i was using netbeans ide ..."
hence the only sensible answer to the first two questions is "ask
netbeans folks".

With plain Git, there are several ways to get into the detached HEAD
state; they are all summarised in the article I referred to.

Making a wild guess, I suspect that your IDE allowed you to check out a
remote branch or a tag.

The last question is more tricky.  One possibility is that your guess
about what commit the HEAD was pointing to before you checked out a
branch was wrong.  Try looking at your reflog more carefully, make
temporary tags or branches out of any commits you think might be the
correct lost HEAD and inspect them one by one until you find the right

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