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lem torov <ulem...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > And to get hold of this "detached HEAD" concept, read this: 
> > http://sitaramc.github.com/concepts/detached-head.html 
> if there are desctiption how to into not in branch. If I do have a
> single branch. How do I get out of it. I mean when i run 
> *git branch *
> i was getting  output that i am in branch "* no branch", but if i try 
> *git checkout no branch*
> result is *such branch doesnot exist.*
The `git branch` lists the branches present in your repository and marks
the currently checked out branch using the asterisk sign ("*").
It also ought to have a way to somehow indicate that what's currently
checked out does not belong to any branch.  So it does this by printing
"no branch".  If you think that's incorrect/inconvenient/confusing or
whatever else feel free to summarise your ideas on the main Git list
(git at vger.kernel.org).

> how i could possible to get in there.
The ways to get into that state are well explained in the tutorial
I linked to.  But note that your IDE is another factor to consider.

> in fact now i did as it was proposed and i did checked out commit
> preceding time when i did destroyed repo into branch "recover". and
> them i did *git checkout recover
> *nothing happend. there are no files which suppose to be in where.
> and I did today 2 commits.*
You hasn't been told to "check out a commit from preceeding time",
it was proposed that you inspect the output of `git reflog` carefully
(*after* reading a suitable guide on what the reflog shows you and how
to interpret that info) and then try to figure out what reflog entry
points to the commit you HEAD pointed to before you moved it by
checking out an existing branch.

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