On Thursday, July 12, 2012 5:27:59 PM UTC+2, Peter J Weisberg wrote:
> The first one works like 'svn revert'; the second one works like 'svn 
> switch'.  Hence, checkout works like switch "usually" (for certain 
> values of "usually", dependent on your usage patterns). 
> I haven't looked at Git's innards, but to me those look like two 
> completely different commands that happen to be spelled exactly the 
> same.  Not a good idea, generally.  It doesn't help that one usage is 
> careful to not overwrite any of your modified files, and the other 
> usage is specifically intended to overwrite your modified files. 

Yeah, these are one of the git commands that have more "forms" of operation 
(git reset is another). Both forms take stuff out of the repository/index 
and put it in the work-tree, and that's whey share the same command. It *kinda 
*makes sense, although I can certainly understand that some find it 

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