Aha! Figured out that after installing on windows you don't go to a command 
line directly, you have to go through "Start > All Programs > Git > Git 
Bash" which gives you a different kind of command line.

Was able to set up my configuration settings as described in "The Book". Am 
now at the beginning of Chapter 2 "Installing a Repository in an Existing 
Directory" and trying to figure out how to drive the Git Bash over to my 
existing directory. I tried a "dir" which in a normal command line gives 
you a listing of the contents of the current directory, but that's giving 
me an "sh.exe": dir: command not found" error. "cd" seems to work, so I 
tried a "cd c:" but not sure I've gone into the root or not. Any way to 
list files in the Git Bash?

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