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Jeffery Brewer <jeffery.bre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Continued thanks for all the help. I'm sorry to be so slow at
> this...I've just done very little command line operation in the past
> and probably shouldn't even be allowed near computers at all. I have
> very little experience on Linux/Unix as well, so I'm really
> floundering around in the dark here. I learned "ls" yesterday though,
> so I'm getting there.
> So when you say "cmd.exe" you're talking about just a normal windows 
> command line prompt?

> Like you go to Start and type "cmd"?
Yes.  No matter how you run it, cmd.exe is the process which presents
you with the regular Windows command line prompt.

> I tried that initially but only got errors (e.g. "$" not recognized).
You've fell victim of a typical assumption of the authors of most
books/guides/blog posts that the reader is familiar that this symbol
denotes a command-line prompt.
While this prompt is easily tweakable in any interactive Unix-y
command-line shell (which are available in abundance, by the way), the
usage of the '$' character in the most common default setting
(including the shell found on Mac OS X). 

> Wasn't until I stumbled on the Git Bash thing that I could make Git
> work at all.
That's pretty strange.
One reason I could think of is that you did not opted for Git to be
included in your PATH when you were installing Git for Windows, so may
be when you typed "git" in the windows command prompt, it told you that
program is not found, was it?

> I know there are GUI's available, but I have a big desire to develop
> some command line skills and this seems like a reasonable place to
> start. I figured how to commit files yesterday! Woo hoo! All that
> seemed to go reasonably well until I did the diff command, which had
> me lost until I finally typed "h" and got the help screen. 
Yeah, you were interacting with the "pager" called "less" which is
ubiquitous on Unix platforms and which Git for Windows packages for
convenience (the stock pager available in Windows, called "more" is too
simplistic to be of any real use).
I recommend you to spend some time finding your ways in less as it's
able to do nice things like searching (via the "/" command),
wrapping/cutting long lines etc.


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