I've slowly been trying to get git to work and just running into loads of 
Using the windows bash I just tried to do a commit this evening and forgot 
to add a message (e.g. -m "my work for today") and sent the bash into some 
sort of odd editing mode that I can't seem to get out of. I finally just 
closed the bash and opened a new bash and tried to commit and got all kinds 
of error messages with a prompt to type (R) to recover. Typed R to recover 
and it took me right back into the strange editing mode that I can't seem 
to get out of now. I've backed up all the files in the directory (sensing 
an impending catastrophe) but not sure what else to do at this point to get 
git running again. 
Any help would be appreciated.
More detail...
If I open a new bash in the directory and run "git commit" I'm getting this 
error message:
Found a swap file by the name ".git\.COMMIT_EDITMSG.swp"
             dated: Mon Aug 06 19:45:14 2012
         file name: 
          modified: YES
         user name: me   host name: my computer
        process ID: 10368
While opening file ".git\COMMIT_EDITMSG"
             dated: Mon Aug 06 19:55:29 2012
      NEWER than swap file!
(1) Another program may be editing the same file.
    If this is the case, be careful not to end up with two
    different instances of the same file when making changes.
    Quit, or continue with caution.
(2) An edit session for this file crashed.
    If this is the case, use ":recover" or "vim -r .git\COMMIT_EDITMSG"
    to recover the changes (see ":help recovery").
    If you did this already, delete the swap file ".git\.COMMIT_EDITMSG.swp"
    to avoid this message.
Swap file ".git\.COMMIT_EDITMSG.swp" already exists!
-- More -- SPACE/d/j: screen/page/line down, b/u/k: up, q: quit

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