I swear I'm going to figure out how to work with git at some point and stop 
bothering everyone with these stupid beginner problems!

So here's my current problem. I'm trying to "checkout" (not sure if that's 
the right term or not) files from my repository into an existing folder (a 
folder created as a NetBeans project...something NetBeans recognizes as a 
project folder). Clone doesn't work...tells me there is existing content. 
When I deleted all the content and cloned it again, it put all the contents 
into a sub-folder. So I tried using fetch. When I fetched, it took a very 
long time and looked like it was doing work (it was showing me some kind of 
progress), but when it got all done the folder was empty. I tried this a 
couple of times and then tried pull, which did the same thing. At one point 
after a fetch I typed "git status" and got a long message saying all my 
files were deleted. Finally after searching around for clues decided to 
clone into a separate directory then copy and paste all the contents of 
that directory back over to my project directory. 

I guess my question is, how do I get my files out of the repository and 
into an existing folder on my computer? And why doesn't fetch or pull 
actually fetch or pull any files down from the repository?


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