Ok so I am sorry if this is not the right place but I didn't know where 
else to ask. Its kind of a stupid question and I have been up and 
down Google but the answer is either in front of me or its no where.

So I have an SVN repository as such:

Project Name/




Now according to every piece of information to get this same layout or 
something similar since svn doesn't actually create branches and tags it 
creates "places" and then in git the tags and the branches are actually 
created to branches this command should work:

*git svn clone -s -r ##:HEAD svn://path/to/project*

to give me:

*master* -- the svn trunk
*clean* -- the branch from svn

instead all I see is master.

so I thought ok lets do: *git branch -a*

all I see is master.

Can some one explain why when I have a branch named clean git is not seeing 
it when it clones the svn repo and and creating it?

this would be very much appreciated if some one can answer this.

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