I read a part of book <Pro Git>, I have read section of submodule and subtree.
I know that they are difficult to manage.

First explain my situation:
I *forked* oh-my-zsh repository (a repo of zsh configs). Then I add original 
oh-my-zsh repo as a *upstream remote*. Then I found some interesting zsh 
plugins. I hope to put them *into* my oh-my-zsh *fork*.
In those subprojects, I hope I hope I can do local changes then push to 
maintainer, or pull upstream changes.

I do not know whether Git has new ways to do this except submodule and subtree.
If not, but you know good way or tips about submodule and subtree.
Please tell me.

Maybe I can write some git script to simple this process of subtree or 
submodule. Or some git hooks ? (I have not learned git hooks now.)

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