On Friday, August 17, 2012 10:50:35 AM UTC+2, Fred wrote:
> Hello,
> I've defined a pre-commit hook in ~/.git_templates directory. It works 
> great for all my git projects, except for submodules. If i do a commit in 
> submodule directory pre-commit hook ist not executed. Is there a workaround?
You need to *re-initialize* or re-clone the repositories after setting the 
git template dir (see the "TEMPLATE DIR" section under git init --help). 
Templates are only copied in during repository initialization.

You can re-initialize a repository with git init. Unfortunately, this 
doesn't work so well for submodules, so I would suggest you re-clone, 
re-init and re-update the project with submodules. OR just manually copy in 
the template contents.

(If you *absolutely* want to re-initialize a submodule without cloning the 
base repository all over again, do something like cd git 
submodule;GIT_DIR=../.git/modules/[submodule] git init; and then edit the 
../.git/modules/[submodule]/config and change bare=true to false.)

Submodules also respect the template dir setting, so the hooks should pop 
up inside base-repo/.git/modules/[submodule]/hooks after initialization.

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