On Tuesday, August 28, 2012 1:15:08 PM UTC+2, Tim Chase wrote:
> On 08/28/12 05:47, Tim Chase wrote: 
> > On 08/28/12 03:13, Fred wrote: 
> >> is there a way to check if a branch doesn't introduce changes, 
> >> which are not in master. 
> > 
> > I'm partial to 
> > 
> >   git diff my_branch ^master 
> > 
> > which would find all the changes on "my_branch" that aren't yet on 
> > master.  This is an open syntax so you can request "changes that are 
> > on my_branch_a, but aren't on master or on my_branch_b" with 
> > 
> >   git diff my_branch_a ^my_branch_b ^master 
> Additionally, I find the "diff" version somewhat hard to read unless 
> the delta is small, but the same syntax works for log: 
>   git log my_branch ^master ^my_branch_b 
> which can give you a higher level view of the changes. 

Hm. Maybe I've explained it wrong way. Let's say, my_branch is in sync with 
I do commit in master, so the master is ahead of my_branch by one commit. 

git diff my_branch ^master  would show a diff for this last commit and that 
is not what I want. In that case it is ok master differs from my_branch.

What I want to detect is following:
my_branch is in sync with master. Then there are some or none commits in 
master and one commit into my_branch. 
I want identify the commit into my_branch, because the change is not in 

Thanks for help!

> -tkc 

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