On 08/28/2012 04:51 PM, Fred wrote:
> git rev-list ist great, but it doesn't work for cherry picked commits
> do a cherry-pick commit from branchB into master. git rev-list
> master..branchB would show sha1 of the commit in branchB.
> But the change itself is already in master (cherry-picked and has
> diffrent sha1)

Git does not keep track of cherry-picked commits in *any* formal way
(unlike, for example Subversion) [1] and therefore does not have the
information required to answer the question that you are asking.  This
is why git workflows are usually organized to avoid the need for
cherry-picking, for example by always merging forward from old branches
to new instead of vice versa.  In exchange for this limitation, git
gives much more robust merging and better history visualization tools
than Subversion.



Michael Haggerty

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