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> Hello, I am rolling out a git solution for one of my clients, but they're 
> running Windows and I cannot think of a good GUI git client for Windows. 
> The client wants to use git, and wants a GUI client, but doesn't want to 
> pick what software they're using. Does anyone have a recommendation? Bonus 
> points for something open-source, but I am open to some paid solutions too.
First, note that Git for Windows comes packed with the two standard
GUI tools, gitk (for advanced history excavation) and git-gui, which is
for committing.  While they look not nearly as sleek as some other
tools, they do the job, with git-gui even supporting chunk-by-chunk
staging and unstaging.
IOW, you could try to just go with that--less software to install means
less software to support.

Among the external F/OSS projects, I woud recommend trying Git
Extensions.  TortoiseGit project seems to be the first kid in this
block, and some think it's the sanest choice, but do not get deluded
by that "Tortoise" franchise--one problem with this tool is that it
seems to cast Subversion mindset upon the developer but Git is not
Subversion.  Git Extensions felt like not getting in my way insisting
on dumbed down approaches to how I work.
Github is very slick and looks like a Web UI (because it's powered by
WebKit internally) which from time to time makes oneself scratch their
head trying to understand that GUI paradigm.  Unfortunately, it's too
dumbed down and too tied to github.

Among the commertial clients I've only heard about Smart Git but did not
try it, so I have no say about how it compares to the F/OSS tools
mentioned above.

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