On Tuesday, 11 September 2012 03:39:18 UTC+1, dmanexe wrote:
> Hello, I am rolling out a git solution for one of my clients, but they're 
> running Windows and I cannot think of a good GUI git client for Windows. 
> The client wants to use git, and wants a GUI client, but doesn't want to 
> pick what software they're using. Does anyone have a recommendation? Bonus 
> points for something open-source, but I am open to some paid solutions too.

Over and about the git tools others mentions I'd also suggest getting 
Notepad++ as the default editor as I'm sure many Windows users don't want 
the Vim/Emacs experience just yet. Importantly you can set some 
configuration variable so that it pops up in a nice single window (various 
Stackoverflow answers: http://stackoverflow.com/a/2486342/717355 
http://stackoverflow.com/a/10842899/717355 and possibly 

I certainly find it useful to have it in my core config.


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