HI, All:
    I am a recently setup a git server on mac os ,meanwhile I use a git 
client on ubuntu to do interaction with this git server.
    I have a  code directory(it's very large ,about 1G ) and I did the 
following commands to push it to server side:
          1. cd ~/test
           2. git init
           3. git add .
           4. git commit -m "clean copy for first commit to server"
           5. git remote add origin 
           6. git push origin master

  In the code ,there are some directories which contain some link files 
,something like this:
         > cd asm
         > ls
                 arch             arch-mb86r0x   arch-s3c4510b   config.h   
        > ll  st
                lrwxrwxrwx  1 gitadmin ubuntu10      11 2012-09-26 14:00 
arch -> arch-sc8810/

       my problem is ,this link file "arch" can't be committed to my local 
repository at step 4 ,so after i finished the step 6 for push ,if i clone 
ths remote repo on server ,i can't see the link file "arch" at all so that 
i can't get a total same code copy as original source.
      But I also did try to make a simple code sample directory which only 
have a directory with one file and a link file to this directory , i can 
commit this code sample to local repo and push it to server side 
successfully ! Then if i checkout the code from remote ,i can get a total 
same code copy: a directory with one file and a link file to this directory 
---- I am totally confused ...
      Is there anyone can help me out?

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