Hello everybody!

I am new to the list and this is my first topic. I am a developer who is 
trying to make the best use of git with my projects. So far I've mainly 
worked with local repositories. Only one of my projects has a remote 
repository in our private server… I mean, I checkout a few projects every 
now and then but they are “read only”…

I have this small project and I like to keep my git repositories as clean 
as possible. Also I try to play with git so I can learn basic and advanced 

Yesterday I needed to amend a commit. As far as I know, git created a new 
commit with the same parent as my current one. So, let's say I had:
A <--- B <--- C <-- D
After I run git commit --amend:
A <-- B <-- C <-- E

If I use git log, I don't see any reference to D anymore. I know its hash, 
and I know it's out there because it's listed if I use git reflog or git 
checkout <D-hash> I am able to see it and check it out. If I try to use 
rebase this commit is not listed anywhere either.

My question is: is there any way to make D appears in the rebase or even 
log? Why it doesn't show anywhere? I think it's been references somewhere 
because if I run git fsck --unreachable or git prune -n -v no “lost” 
objects are shown.

I am just trying to understand how git works behind the scenes and this got 
me a bit confused. I head git would discard commits that are no longer 
referenced (such as D?!) but I couldn't undertand why it happened. I even 
tried to merge the branch I was in and then delete the previous branch and 
again, no “lost” objects are listed. (Aren't the branch tree and related 
filed supposed to be unreachable or were they deleted for good? It seems 
the list of objects haven't got smaller since I run git branch -d <branch>.

Thank you for your help!


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