I've been using Eclipse with eGit and it works fairly well.

However, my boss has Zend Studio. Today we tried committing from it (from a 
repository we cloned into Zend Studio) and 3 things happened:

1. It said it committed, but still marked the repository with outgoing 
2. The commits did not appear on the remote repository,
3. The repository became unusable after that. Any attempt to pull / clone 
that repository resulted in horrifying error messages such as this:

error: refs/remotes/origin/master does not point to a valid object!
error: Trying to write ref refs/heads/master with nonexistant object 
fatal: Cannot update the ref 'HEAD'.

The remote repository is stored at unfuddle.com

Now I have to erase all those repositories and re-create them.  very 
annoying. Can't think of another way to solve this.

So.. what should I do?  Should I report this to anyone?


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