Thanks for the reply. 

But doesn't it point on a flaw in git itself, as well? It shouldn't be so 
easy for a client to corrupt an entire repository and make it unusable!

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012 9:57:03 PM UTC+2, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 
> I think there are some known issues in older versions of EGit/JGit that 
> cause this. Github describes an approach for fixing it here:
> You should be able to follow a similar approach with unfuddle, only the 
> parts with the admin page are different, I suppose. 
> What I imagine is going on is that your boss' Git client is updating the 
> remote master to point at his latest commit (update-ref), but fails to 
> actually push the commit being referred to (a bug in his EGit). So what you 
> need to do is basically an update-ref in the remote repository to point 
> master at the correct commit again, but since there is no way to do this 
> (update-ref has to be done directly on the repository from "localhost") you 
> have to do it by re-creating the branch. If that makes any sense.

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