On 11/10/2012 8:37 PM, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen wrote:
> On Thursday, October 11, 2012 5:05:38 PM UTC+2, GadgetSteve wrote:
>     Hi,
>     One of my git svn projects now has directories for trunk, branches &
>     tags whereas it originally was not showing up this way, (my other
>     projects don't either), and I am wondering  what stupid thing I
>     have done?
>     Any hints?
> Could be that it was a git-svn clone for a single project directory,
> and since then someone on the SVN side decided it was time to
> introduce a trunk/branch/tags structure.
> Or, somehow you did a new git-svn clone without specifying the
> --stdlayout parameter. 
The project has always been trunk/branch/tags as have the others, the
original clone was --stdlayout and since the svn server/network is slow
and the project at svn revision 2100+ the original clone took 36 hours,
(with several restarts), over 5 days so I think I would have noticed if
a fresh clone had happened, (so far I am the only git user).

Guess I might need to do a fresh clone.


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