I've some doubts with these commands. I basically do flow 
The problem happen when I use pull command for to get lastest changes form 
server. (I use fetch and after pull). The pull command only work when I 
don't do any change on the local repository. Even sometimes conflicts 
happen and some files from my local repository spoil,

I use EGit and I want to know if there is any way to bring changes from 
server  in a synchronized manner as in subclipse

I used the opction Team -> Compare with... but isn't same. I bring the 
changes...but my HEAD file don't changes (This is other question). I have 
understood that by doing pull my HEAD file points to the last changes made 
on the server and It is the right way(?) but It don't happen when I use the 
option  I mentioned (Team -> Compare with...)...I'm confused :(

How could bring the server changes so that my HEAD file is updated? 

Thanks :)


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