I'm currently running multiple websites on Magento for a worldwide company. 
At first it was only an US version and then an EU version, but now we're 
going to open one website per distributor.
Basically, there could be 8 or 10 Magento websites running in the long run.

The thing is that each distributor wants to change a few little details. 
Basically the core is the same, but there could be one extra module (a 
payment provider), or a few line of codes different from one website to 

I need to manage this correctly, because it won't work otherwise and take 
too much time.

Do you have idea on what's the best use with GIT for my case ?
Should I do a fork on the main master ? create a branch for each 
distributor ?

How can I manage update from the master, and spread them to each 
distributor website ?
i.e : updating the core of Magento (lots of files).

Any idea/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,



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