I am just beginning to use git.  I've read the O'Reilly book (by
Loeliger and McCullough), and (unexpectedly) it didn't give me a clear
view of some of the messier aspects of git.  So as a first question,
I'd like to know if anyone knows of an exposition that gives a clear
and accurate description of the logical structure of git repositories
and git operations.

As a second question, consider a situation I am now in.  I've been
using git to maintain a repository of a directory.  I now want to
start tracking all the files in the *parent* of that directory,
continuing the history of all the files that are now in the
repository.  I know how to use Subversion to do this, with one or two
commands I can move the repository files into a subordinate directory
in the repository.  But what is the correct way to do this in git?




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