> From: "Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org>
> > Another question is this:  I believe that the complete repository and
> > its status lives in the .git directory.  So if I move ./.git to 
> > ../.git,
> > it has the same effect as if I moved all the normal files into a
> > subdirectory of ".".  Is that correct?
> Essentially yes, you gain an extra level of structure to your content 
> tree. But test it on a dummy repo first - you will be surprised buy the 
> status messages "help everything's moved..." ;-)

One crucial question is whether the information in the .git directory
contains (in any way) the absolute location of the directory.  That
is, if I have a working copy of the project, with its .git directory,
and I move (or copy) the whole directory tree to somewhere else, is
the moved copy a correct Git working-copy-and-.git-directory?



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