> From: Manlio Perillo <manlio.peri...@gmail.com>
> [Git] "knows" that in your case they are the same: this is the
> reason why the push was fast; your home repo already have the objects
> with the same SHA.
> pull is slow because git has to unpack them; and yes, probably git could
> be a bit more smart and check if an object with the same name/file
> mode/SHA already exists in the working directory, bit I'm not sure.

This would be more difficult than it seems.  Yes, you have a file in
your directory with the required contents, but Git doesn't know that.
It could guess that you haven't modified the file, but to *check*
that, it would have to read and hash the file.  That might not be much
faster than uncompressing a copy from the repository.

In any case, Git is built on the assumption that you are controlling
software source code; it's not surprising that its performance is poor
on a 1.4 GB file.



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