is there a way to get below info?

[PATCH 1/3] kernel-yocto: remove unnecessary non-bare warning

  In the past working from a non-bare clone would cause problems,
  due to branches not existing in the WORKDIR clone. This hasn't
  been true for some time, since the routines which convert remotes
  into local branches have been functioning without problems.

  So we no longer need the warning and it can be removed.

  This cleans up the output and removes a potentially alarming warning ..
  that shouldn't be alarming anymore.

[PATCH 2/3] linux-yocto: normalize repository naming and SRC_URI options

  linux-yocto-tiny and linux-yocto had minor differences from the rest
  of the linux-yocto recipes. After this commit, all the recipes are
  using bareclone=1 and repository names that end with .git.


  Since linux-yocto based recipes have a split build and source directory,
  we should export KBUILD=${B} to the devshell. This allows the kernel to
  be incrementally build within the shell and not dirty the source
  directory (which breaks subsequent full builds).

  This was discussed on the mailing lists in December and has been working
  locally for me ever since.


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