On Fri, 18 Jan 2013 22:52:34 +0800
lei yang <yanglei.f...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  is there a way to get below info?
> [PATCH 1/3] kernel-yocto: remove unnecessary non-bare warning
>   In the past working from a non-bare clone would cause problems,
> [PATCH 2/3] linux-yocto: normalize repository naming and SRC_URI
> options

What is "patch summary"?  The output looks like a regular `git log`
output modified by the proper "--format=..." argument.  If what you
have is a series of patches (say, generated by `git format-patch`) then
this question is out of the scope of this list as you have to somehow
process the patch files; I don't think Git has anything to do with this.


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