> From: Ivan L <abys...@gmail.com>
> How can I delete from my repos the git objects that have appeared in the 
> cache repo? - The remote repo is a very huge one, and I don't want to waste 
> my space.
> If there is no such ability, then how can I report it as a feature-request 
> to the git development team?

As I understand it, you can reduce the size of a repository by
removing from it branch names and tag names that you do not need, then
running "git gc" to purge from the repository objects that no longer
have a named reference to them.

What you cannot do is remove any of the history of any branch whose
head you want to have in the repository -- every commit reqires the
presence of its predecessor commit(s).

There are probably advanced techniques that get around the latter
restriction, but I don't know what they are.


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