Others have pointed out the EOL issue, which I should have jumped on having 
seen it in CVS. So the third partition is
not a good idea, assuming this EOL issue is the underlying problem. Just to 
answer your question then- While having a
third partition is not fundamentally different from having Linux mount your 
windows partition in a dual-boot situation,
I thought it might make it easier to avoid Windows from doing whatever-it-does 
behind the scenes. I have a Win7 build VM
and it drives me nuts changing things without being asked - so maybe just my 
anti-win32 bias there.

Interesting that you don't like the Github gui. Thats an opinion to file away, 
some of my developers like using a GUI,
and they are going to have to start using Git this year.

On 01/30/2013 05:34 PM, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> Please explain why I would need a third partition to do this. I am not aware 
> of any restrictions in Git concerning
> what machine/partition the workspace and repository must live on, except that 
> the remote is expected to really be
> remote, i.e., not on the local machine, accessible only over the net, whether 
> via git:// scheme or some other.

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