You can ask anyone to turn on the light by just saying "Turn the light on", 
you will get the job done much faster than if you give a lecture about 
electricity and light bulb technology. Although understanding the 
underlying physics would make a lot of good, the simple and direct solution 
is more efficient. That's just my opinion. I wish a real git developer 
would give some more insights about the arcane syntax of git cmd line.

On Sunday, February 3, 2013 1:02:32 AM UTC-5, Les Nightingill wrote:
> I think every one of us has asked this same question at some point early 
> in our work with git.
> There have been many attempts to sweeten the syntax with sugar. But mostly 
> we struggle through the abominable syntax and love git for it's great power 
> and flexibility.
> It will help you a lot with the syntax to really understand the 
> architecture and the data model.

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