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On 2/3/2013 8:02 AM, Les Nightingill wrote:
It will help you a lot with the syntax to really understand the architecture and the data model.

I'm also pretty new to using git, can you recommend any good books/blogs/articles for learning about the architecture and data model?

There are many article that try to teach git, however the biggest problem is trying to unlearn the old ways that are no longer relevant to modern software and computer systems.

All the old version control systems are based on (developed from) the idea of a 'master drawing' which dates from before the time of the Titannic when drawings were done with India ink on Kaolin and linen paper and had to be protected with utmost diligence. If you damaged the master you were stuffed.

Now we have zero cost duplication and storage there is no longer a single master, and everyone can have a go. The problem then becomes how to verify if your copy is the same as the one in some trusted reference repository (e.g. Julie's rework release X), and how we maintain an unbroken chain of traceability of our development (same as physical measurements, e.g. SI/NIST). (and vice versa when you want your work to be accepted by that repo)

I found all these to be useful at various points

Git community book (various editions) e.g. = Pro-Git

Git Magic =

Top 10 Git Tutorials for Beginners =

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Malusi Gcakasi

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