I want to migrate a lot of project from CVS to GiT.
I found cvs2git, which is working fine, but I'm confused about a few 

We are currently using CVS in a strange, but historic way.

Let's take an specific example : I have a project called x.
In my CVS repository, each file is tagged for each software revision, the 
file x/myfile.xml got 3 tags for 3 revisions. : 1.1 : 1.2 : 1.3

Like this, we are able to work on V1.0.0.0 as V2.0.0.0 as V3.0.0.0. We just 
need to extract all files from this project corresponding to the wanted 
This is all about working on new feature, debugging and maintenance.

To compile, we have a server which checkout file for each revision.

We want to take advantages of GiT, and implements devlopment, integration 
and production branch.

I've read a lot of articles speaking about GiT, branching, tagging... but I 
can't find a real solution for that type of GiT workflow...

Is it possible to have theses 3 branches, and a sub branch for each package 
Do I need to use tags? With them I can't imagine to maintain like... 10 
revisions of a project...
What is exactly submodules? Can I use them for my workflow?

Thank you for helping,

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