Hi Folks!

When using git blame -M in order to detect code movements inside one file, 
I get results which I cannot explain to myself.

First I commit the following file(file.cpp):

void func1(){return;}[CR][LF]
int func2(){return 23;}[CR][LF]    

Then I modify it by moving what was in the first line and adding something 
new instead:

float newFunc(){return 23.0;}[CR][LF]
int func2(){return 23;}[CR][LF]
void func1(){return;}[CR][LF]

The log now looks as follows:

>git log --oneline -2
18c670f modified file.cpp
92b4186 added file.cpp

Now I run blame:

git blame -s -w -M file.cpp
18c670fa 1) float newFunc(){return 23.0;}
92b4186d 2) int func2(){return 23;}
18c670fa 3)
18c670fa 4)
18c670fa 5) void func1(){return;}

I wonder why the line containing func1() isn't recognized as moved. I've 
tried to reduce the number of required characters (i.e. -M4 etc.). 
Furthermore spaces should not matter because of the -w option.

Ot the other hand, when I move float newFunc(){return 23.0;} from line 1 to 
line 6 (which was empty before) in the subsequent commit, git blame -Mcorrectly 
recognizes that it originates from commit 18c670fa even though it 
first appeared in line 6 only in the current commit. 

So what's the reason for this seemingly inconsequent behavior? Does anybody 
have an idea?

Thanks in advance

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