Hi guys,
We are using git routinely in our project to allow collaboration of 
employees from all around the world. Until now, we supported just a single 
client, but there are new clients for our project now, each having slightly 
different requests. 
We need to figure out how can we manage few very similar projects in 
parallel, without having to manually enforce their coherency. We though of 
something like this:

   - A contributer chooses a branch to work on. 
   - When the work is done the contributer has two choices: 
      - To apply the changes to the branch he chose to work on - in this 
      case the procedure is identical to our current flow 
      - To apply the changes to all the branches - in this case the 
      contributer will be asked to resolve merge conflicts for each branch 
My questions are:

   - Is this seems a reasonable approach? 
   - Is there a way to achieve this behavior with standart set of Git 
   - Any other suggestions/comments are more than welcome.


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