Thanks everyone for replying.

I tried entering this in a Terminal window: 

export PATH=/usr/local/git/bin:$PATH 

but I get this:

export: Command not found.

So I tried this: 

echo $PATH

Here is what was returned:


As you can see there is no reference to git in my path which explains why 
I'm having this problem.  But it now seems I have a bigger issue which is 
that I can't update my path to include git.  Can someone offer a suggestion 
of how I resolve this?  I'm also not sure where this PATH is stored.  I 
would like to edit the path to remove two of the three references to mysql 
in the path - I don't think I need three identical paths to mysql.  I have 
looked in .profile and private/etc/paths and I can't figure out where PATH 
is stored.


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